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Transition of Power within Norse AFA MEC

Dear Crew, 

This newsletter is to inform you that Ted Pavlik assumed all responsibilities of the Norse AFA MEC President as of Sunday, June 9th 2024 until September 9th 2024, and Ish Ramos Gonzalez in the role of the VP.

I have been dealing with health issues for sometime, and it has been decided I must focus on recovery in hope I can return to work and to my Union duties soon. During my Medical Leave I will not do any Union or work related activities. Please send all your concerns to Ted and Ish at : [email protected]

Last month MEC together with JFK AFA Union Reps and AFA Attorney started the formal process of Mediation with Norse Atlantic Management under the supervision from National Mediation Board Mediator. 
There are meetings scheduled for June 13th and 27th and then twice a month going forward to resolve the issues with Trip Swaps, Scheduling ( trip and winter vacation bidding) as well as outstanding grievances. 

AFA MEC will share updates on progress at the end of June. We want to thank you for including us on your correspondence with the Company when it comes to problems and issues you are dealing with. This gives us an overview on the extent of issues and helps us prioritize the agenda when meeting with the Management.

My best wishes to all of you!

In Unity,

Katarzyna Mroczek