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EAP Representatives

Norse Atlantic has 7 EAP reps across all of our crew bases.

  • FLL/MIA 
    • Sylvie Wubbena
  • JFK 
    • Vanessa Harrigan
    • Vanessa Morales
  • CDG
    • Maria Salmeron
  • LGW 
    • Grace Proctor
  • OSL
    • Elizabeth Sandmoe
    • Trude-Marie Gronvold 
Sylvie Wubbena

I embarked on my journey as a flight attendant in 1998. Recently, I've taken on the role of an EAP rep for the Miami base, a role that fills me with excitement and passion. 

With over 4 years of personal experience in substance abuse recovery, I bring empathy and understanding to those I assist. 

In addition, I've navigated through grief and currently provide care for my husband, who battles significant health challenges. 

For any queries or support, feel free to reach out to me at my personal cellphone number at +1 754-232-0088. Confidentiality is my utmost priority.

Vanessa Harrigan

Image preview

I started flying in 2017 with Norwegian while I was completing my BA in Psychology. I also began mentoring my peers at college during that time, and found it to be a fulfilling experience.

I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology while flying for Norse Atlantic. My hope is to be able to use the skills I have learned with my BA and Masters to be a better crew member, and to help build our airline.

I am always available to help crew members navigate any issues that may arise and provide resources as needed. Feel free to reach out to my personal cell number any time. 

Vanessa Morales

Saludos, my peeps! My name is Vanessa Morales and I’ve been flying out of JFK for 8 years. I’m a born and raised New Yorker but if you ask me where I’m from I will say the Dominican Republic. 

I’m a creative, so I spend a lot of my free time with all things music and nature. If you need help, chances are I will help you and make you laugh while I do it; It’s my people’s way. 

It’s taken me a while to fully get to a balanced mental space and now that I have, it is my hope to share it with anyone willing to receive. 

I have a degree in English with a psychology minor. I am also trained in mediation.

I’m an open book, you just have to ask. 

Peace and blessings to you all, always.

Maria Salmeron

Being able to help our colleagues by being present for them is one of our missions as EAP representatives. 

For many years, I have worked with people, helping people dealing with struggles in life. From all my experiences, I can highlight two words: commitment and perseverance, the keys to reaching our goals. 

Today, I am happy to share my job with this important mission.

Grace Proctor

LGW Base

Elizabeth Sandmoe

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My name is Elisabeth Sandmoe, and I’ve been flying since 2019 out of Oslo.
I decided to take on the role of an EAP rep once I heard about the position because I know that a safe space for our colleagues is incredibly important. I want to ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging, even when situations and circumstances are particularly challenging.

I’m known for being kind and empathetic, and I’ve made it a side mission to ensure everyone around me feels heard and seen, which is why I felt this position spoke to me.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Trude-Marie Gronvold

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My name is Trude-Marie Gronvold. I live in Oslo together with my two children and my partner. I've been flying for over 20 years, and I still love to work as a flight attendant.

I decided to take the role of EAP rep when I heard about the position. It's very important for all of us in the flight community to always feel safe and comfortable. It's important to have someone to talk to if any problems arise and when you are having a hard time. I want to ensure that all my colleagues can have someone to speak to, or if circumstances are particularly challenging, I can help you.

I'm known for being kind and helpful. For me, it's important that all the people around me are well taken care of. And all my colleagues will be seen as an individual. 

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Contact The EAP

Phone: 1-800-424-2406 or 202-434-0560

Phone or Text or Whatsapp: 301-437-0390

Email: [email protected]

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