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Maui Strong: All Call for Solidarity

August 11, 2023 — Our ohana in Maui and across Hawaii need our love and solidarity right now. Catastrophic wildfires killed at least 110 people, officials said Thursday with more than 1,000 still missing. All AFA members have been accounted for, but many have been deeply affected and some lost nearly everything.

AFA EAP is available at 800-424-2406.

Maui Flight Attendants and their families need help. Donate to the AFA Disaster Relief Fund today to help our flying partners directly > 100% of the funds contribution go directly to affected Flight Attendants in the form of cash assistance.

The AFA disaster relief fund is open for any member needing assistance.

Our union activated our critical incident response to care for crew and their families living on the island, and Flight Attendants laying over. AFA EAP and Safety have been working since the crisis began to confirm the safety of working crew and Flight Attendants who live on Maui. Our union has worked with management to minimize or completely eliminate layovers on the island until the situation becomes more stable. 

Maui Fire Resource List (via Hawaiian AFA)

Where can I go for help?

What legitimate organizations can I donate to?

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