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Norse Crew Resources

Pay Calculator

Download the Norse Pay Calculator Spreadsheet, put together by a fellow crew member, to ensure you're getting paid correctly before taxes.

For Payroll Issues
Contact Gine Silveira
Email: [email protected]

For HR Issues
Contact Beate Jakobsen
Email: [email protected]

Norse Crew Control
Email: [email protected]

Norse Crew Planning
Email: [email protected]

Norse Replanning (swaps and roster issues after roster release up to 5 days before duty period)
Email: [email protected] 

For Uniform Issues
Contact Donald Jones Jr. 
Email: [email protected] 

Union Resources

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Union Dues Authorization Form

Pay My Union Dues Online

Professional Standards/EAP

Flight Attendant Drug & Alcohol Program
(202) 355-6337

Disaster Relief Fund

Layover Safety

Information about COVID-19

Union Plus Services / Discounts

Buy AFA Merch

Our Union Information: AFA-CWA Council 1 

AFA Scholarships

CWA Scholarships

Union Plus Scholarships

Blue Lightning Initiative (Prevent Human Trafficking)

To report suspected human trafficking to Federal law enforcement: +1(866) 347-2423

To get help from the national Human Trafficking Hotline: text HELP to BeFree(233733)

FMLA for Flight Attendants

*Our Collective Bargaining Agreement does not require you to work the federal minimum of 504 hours to qualify for FMLA

*Our Collective Bargaining Agreement provides 180 days of FMLA leave instead of the federal minimum 72 days.

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