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EAP Frequently Asked Questions

Will my problem really be kept confidential?
Yes, confidentiality is the foundation of the AFA EAP peer counseling. The AFA EAP adheres to Federal and State confidentiality regulations.

What will it cost?
The service is a benefit of your union dues. You pay nothing extra to speak with an EAP Representative or a member of the International EAP Department staff. If you are referred to a mental health professional, your EAP Rep will work with you to use your health plan benefits. The EAP Rep will seek the most affordable solution for your specific situation.

What kind of training have the AFA EAP Reps had?
First, we look for someone who is committed and has the personal skills to handle the job; someone who is patient, non-judgmental, caring, organized, and has a clean work record. EAP Reps participate in specialized AFA training at a basic and advanced level.

Isn't EAP just for people who have substance abuse and depression problems?
Absolutely not!!! AFA EAP provides resources and references for a broad range of life situations including: relationships, financial/legal, workplace trauma or other work-related issues (insurance questions, harassment, job stress, occupational injury, etc.) and professional standards, in additional to the help we offer with chemical dependency and emotional issues.

Is my problem big enough to call AFA EAP for help? When can I call?
No problem is too small for AFA EAP! In fact, we encourage flight attendants and their immediate families to call when a concern first develops. Remember, reaching out for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Usually the sooner you share a problem, the sooner you begin to find a solution. The AFA EAP offers a 24 hour help line for your convenience.

Who am I reaching when I dial the AFA EAP 800 number?
You are contacting the EAP department within the AFA International Headquarters in Washington, DC. This office is staffed by licensed and certified mental health professionals. They can offer resources as well as referrals to your AFA EAP Reps or mental health professionals in your geographic area.

How can I give the AFA feedback about my experience with the EAP?
You can call the International EAP office at (800) 424-2406 or e-mail