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Flight Benefits

Norse Atlantic Airways offers the benefit of staff travel to all it's employees after 90 days of employment.

Norse has also updated it's Staff Travel benefits for crew in a few ways:

  • Crew now have the ability to change our travel partners more frequently (every 6 months)
  • Crew have the ability to list/purchase an upgrade to Premium for $50 when traveling for personal reasons on Norse
  • Crew receive two (2) one-way positive space passes per year (per employee) that don’t expire for travel on Norse

Norses utilizes ID90 as their staff travel booking system and currently have partnerships with Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines & Alaska Airlineson that platform.

Norse is also set up on MyIDTravel which includes airlines such as Etihad, Jetblue, WestJet, Southwest, Hong Kong Air, Virgin Australia, and more.

In total Norse has 50 partner airlines. You can check the status of the partnership agreements and who is allowed to use them HERE.

Find information about all of our partner airlines listing requirements HERE.

Staff Travel Policy

Norse has a Staff Travel Policy that is available on SharePoint by logging in using your company email and password. An updated version of this policy was sent to crew on March 7, 2024.

There was also a notice on Centrik about Staff Traveler Procedures for Cabin Crew onboard Norse. Please review this document which was sent on March 31, 2024. You can read the PDF version of this HERE.

NOTE: If you have any issues with your ID90 staff travel benefits such as adding persons, removing persons, unable to pay or book tickets, or other general concerns, and are unable to find the information in the policies and procedures, please contact Norse using the email [email protected]

Booking Travel on Norse

  • Log in to ID90 using your credentials
    • Select Norse as the airline, your company email as your email/employee number, and enter your password
  • Select the Flights tab to book flights
  • Choose the airline
    • N0 flights are from Europe to the US and from Europe to Asia (excluding UK)
    • Z0 flights are flights between the UK and the US and the UK and the Caribbean
  • Choose your destinations and travel dates
  • Select who is travelling
    • If it is just you, select yourself
    • If it is yourself and a travel companion, select both of you
    • If you are just booking for your travel companion, select them only
  • Search and book your flights

Norse is aware that some people have had issues booking tickets with certain cards. More guidance on this is available in the Staff Travel Policy.

Booking Travel on other Airlines on ID90

We currently have agreements with 3 airlines on ID90: Alaska, Frontier, and Spirit. 

  • If booking on ID90, follow the steps above and select Other Airline (OA) instead of N0 or Z0 as the airline
    • This will be the ONLY way that your travel companions can use travel benefits with these partner airlines. 

Route Maps:

  • To see a current route map for Frontier, please check HERE
  • To see a current route map for Alaska Airlines, please check HERE
  • To see a current route map for Spirit, please check HERE

*Please note that we currently do not have any Jumpseat Agreements with Frontier or Alaska and it is only possible for crew to book travel on them using ID90.

Booking Travel on Spirit outside of ID90 for Crew

  • You can list in person at the counter on the day of travel.
    • This is an option exclusively available to Norse Crew and NOT for the use of their travel companions
  • If booking on Spirit Airlines Team Travel Site, please click the image below and follow the instructions
    • This option is available EXCLUSIVELY for Norse Crew and is NOT for their travel companions
    • Please note that listing on the Spirit Team Travel site is only possible for flights at most 72hrs before departure.
      • Domestically, flights can be booked up to 30 minutes before departure
      • Internationally, flights can be booked up to 1hr before departure
Spirit Agreement Listing

Utilizing MyIDTravel

To access the myIDTravel tool, visit and click on “Forget Password”. Select “Norse” as the employing airline and enter your employee number.

Currently only employees are eligible to list on MyIDTravel. The staff travel department hopes to have other eligible travelers added to the system sometime in mid-May, if not sooner

There is an app for myIDtravel called myIDgo - we do not currently have access to that.

Booking Travel on MyIDTravel

  • Log into by selecting your employing airline, inputting your ID number and password
  • Select "New Flight"
  • Select the traveller and press continue
  • Input the airline you would like to travel on, your travel origin & destination and travel dates
  • Select the flight(s) you would like to take and continue booking directly through the website.
  • The confirmation email will come to your FlyNorse email address. 

Failure to follow the policies and procedures in the Norse Staff Travel Policy and may result in the suspension of Staff Travel privileges.


*Page updated April 1,  2024 at 2:25pm EST

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