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Our Collective Bargaining Agreement

Please see below copies of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), details about Compensation, Our Per Diem Settlement, Our Scheduling Agreement, Our Dual AOC Qualifications Agreement, our US Base Seniority List, our US Crew Seniority Agreement, our Winter 2023 Security Search Agreement, and Our 2022 Sideline Agreement regarding US Crew doing Security Searches.

Download Our CBA


Compensation Information




Per Diem Settlement

We have negotiated an increase in our per diem with management effective immediately.

Per Diem Settlement

Scheduling Agreement

Management has finally signed, after 2 years of negotiations, our scheduling agreement

Scheduling Agreement

 Dual AOC Qualifications Agreement 2023

Management has signed a letter of agreement that all US crew will be Dual AOC qualified by Summer 2024

Dual AOC Qualifications

US Base Seniority List

*our US based seniority list is current as of November 1, 2023 and was sent out in the Newsletter entitled "November 1 Update". This can also be found on the website*
Please reach out to your MEC if you are having any issues accessing this list

US Seniority List

US Crew Seniority Agreement 2023

We now have a signed agreement with management about how seniority will be done for future US crew hires.

US Crew Seniority Agreement

Winter 2023 Security Search Agreement 

Winter 2023 security search agreement

Security Search Agreement 2022

Security Search


*Page updated November 10, 2023 at 11:20pm ET
Download The CBA

Download The Security Search Agreement

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