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March Update on AFA Issues

Dear crew, 

In today’s newsletter we will be covering the following topics:

1. Summer vacations bids and additional information concerning vacation for S24 

2. Transfers from NO to UK, or UK to NO AOCs in JFK and MIA

3. Medical Certificates for NO and UK AOCs.

4. Base transfers Grievance filed.

5. Scheduling Policy signed after two years negotiations. 

6. Things you need to know if called for disciplinary meeting with management. 


Summer vacations bids and additional information concerning vacations for S24.

Summer vacation bidding was conducted by AFA Scheduling Committee and once bids closed; they were sent to Crew Planning to be assigned to all crew members who participated. Anyone who didn’t bid can request vacation through CrewConnex where all available slots are visible for CCM and SCCM positions in both bases. If you should have difficulty submitting requests in CrewConnex please send your request via email to Crew Planning. 

Transfers of crew from NO AOC to UK AOC, and from UK AOC to NO AOC.

From NO to UK. This transfer requires all NO AOC Crew to take 5 days Accelerated OCC Course. These courses were rostered for the month of April. 
From UK to NO. This transfer requires all UK AOC Crew to take 30 minutes CBT training. This CBT training was initially assigned to be completed in April, but because the transfer will take place on May 1st, 2024, it was decided to assign them in May rosters. If you have any questions or issues with the CBT please email Nick Piedra Buena for clarification.


Medical certificates for NO and UK AOC.

Each AOC requires separate licenses and medical certificates. Because there is no medical professionals in USA who are qualified to issue such a certificate, all US based Cabin Crew Members must travel aboard to obtain them. Appointments are being booked on a daily basis. Some of them require 3 days of international traveling. We were informed that they are being scheduled on your days off. If you are able and willing to travel and do it on your days off, it is your decision. If you are not able due to your planned commitments, you will have to do it at the later date, but that can mean you will not be able to fly until you obtain the medical certificate. AFA MEC requested a meeting with Norse Management next week to discuss and clarify the method of obtaining these certificates by crew. As soon we we have a clear understanding of the process we will share it with you in a newsletter and zoom call. 

Base transfers Grievance filed.

As agreed between AFA and Norse Management in February 2024, there were 7 slots open in MIA for transfers from JFK. Applicants followed the instructions from the management in a timely manner and names of the transferring Crew Members were announced after consultation with the management. One week before April rosters were released, we all learned that transfers were canceled. Eventually some Crew were transferred while others weren’t. This created a financial and emotional burden on crew who were unable to transfer, and the Union filed Grievance on their behalf. Copy attached to this newsletter.

 AFA Norse Transfer Grievance 4 (2024).pdf


Scheduling Policy signed after two years of negotiations.

We are happy to announce that after what seemed like an eternity AFA and Norse management signed the scheduling policy. This really is good news as it gives protection for 3 hrs. Stby call out for US crew and provides better chances for trip swapping as US Crew will be able to swap trips that leave us with only two days of reserve/stby, because in such cases we will be able to “convert” one day off into Reserve/ Stby and that in return will make swaps possible. US crews are now afforded a time frame for swap approvals.  
We would like to take this opportunity to remind ourselves that under the EASA and UK Regulations, CCM can fly 900 active hours in one calendar year, and maximum of 1000 active hours in ANY 12 consecutive months at the same time. More information about FTL can be found in OMA. Scheduling policy is attached to this newsletter.

 Scheduling Agreement signed 3_26_24.pdf 


Things you need to know if called for disciplinary meeting with management. 

As per AFA CBA every Crew Member called for disciplinary meeting with management has the right to have a Union Representative present. Management should offer Union Representative and include in a meeting invite. Crew Member can request Union Representative if Management forgets to offer this service. Once the Union representative is assigned, there are attending meetings as witnesses. Basically, there are there to make sure the conversation is conducted in a respectful manner and crew member is not being pressured, intimidated, mistreated in any way. If grievance is to be filed, Union Representative will discuss this with Crew Member privately, on a separate call and follow the protocol outlined in our CBA. 

Thank you for reading this newsletter in its entirety. If you celebrate Easter, we wish you Happy Easter!
if you don’t, we wish you Happy Spring! 

In Unity, 

Katarzyna, Ted, Ish