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Norse AFA Zoom Meeting Minutes - May 17, 2024

Date & Time: Friday, May 17, 2024 at 7pm EST

Location: Zoom


  • Katarzyna Mroczek - MEC President
  • Theodore Pavlik - MEC Vice President
  • Ismael Ramos - MEC Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jhenelle Jacas - HRE & Communications Committee Chair
  • Lincoln McMahon - JFK Base Representative
  • 25 Additional crew members 


  • Proposed Budget 2024-2025
  • FCO Hotel Change
  • Crew Hours
  • Crew Planning/Swaps
  • Grievances & Mediation

The meting room opened at 6:59pm EST on Friday May 17, 2024 and MEC President Katarzyna Mroczek officially began the meeting at 7:00pm

Proposed Budget 2024-2025

  • We currently have 208 crews paying dues which means that we should have 208 votes at the BOD meeting.
  • The number of crew paying dues fluctuates based on active crew, crew on leave, etc.
  • Our budget for 2024-2025 is as follows and was voted on at 7:22pm, and passed by the crew at 7:24pm EST:
    • $16,000 for grievances/system board of adjusement
    • $55,000 for negotiations
    • $2,500 for LEC
    • $1,600 for MEC

FCO Hotel Changes

  • The company unilaterally decided to change the FCO hotel without consulting the hotel committee for the June roster. This has been rectified and we are going to continue to stay at our current crew hotel

Crew Hours

  • We are noticing an uptick in crew hours for crew across both bases in the US, with June having a high amount of hours compared to May.
  • Crew are expected to high higher hours rostered for the rest of the summer period to cover demand.

Crew Planning/Swaps

  • Crew noted that they are continuing to have issues with the Swap module as it still gets sent to the office for them to approve and deny at will, even while swaps are valid.
  • The MEC is aware of these issues and is recommending that the crew CC or BCC them on emails relating to swaps.

Grievances & Mediation

  • There are still outstanding grievances, including relating to scheduling, that are now in mediation. 
  • There has been a difficultly meeting with management which is why mediation is the current route.
  • The MEC and our JFK Base Reps will take part in mediation & grievances training in Miami on May 23 & 24.

The meeting formally adjourned at 7:40pm EST