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Follow Up Re “Critical staffing Procedure in effect” Email

Dear Crew,

We are disappointed to report that after we gave management the opportunity to resolve the error and confusion created after they sent out the “Critical staffing Procedure in effect” email, they were unwilling to take back the message. Last week, we met several times with management and hoped to reach a joint resolution - we even got as far as drafting a joint statement. However, we reached a deadlock when management would not agree to revoke the “Critical staffing Procedure in effect” email. 

Your MEC wants to make clear that we did not negotiate any changes to either the sick policy, or the disciplinary process. There are no changes to either the sick or disciplinary procedures. If you have issues with using your sick time or receive discipline, please immediately contact [email protected]. We will work with you to file a grievance. That being said, please remember: COMPLY NOW, GRIEVE LATER!

The MEC attempted to address the actual issue, which is a shortage of CCMs available to cover summer flying. This is a common summer issue for many airlines. We proposed a proven solution: a summer reliability program. Under our proposal, CCMs would have received a summer bonus for not missing any scheduled work during the summer period. We also discussed increasing the rate to buy back days to cover flying and we discussed incentivizing CCMs that want to fly more to pick up more flying. Management told us no to our proposal. 

We believe carrots are more effective than the CBA violating sticks proposed in the “Critical staffing Procedure in effect” email. Management sent this email just to US CCMs, yet provided the MEC statistics for sick calls across all bases. We believe this email created fear in US CCMs that they would be afraid to call out when they’re sick or fearful they would be fired for a first time “no-show”.

We also raised common sense solutions, like fixing our broken trade system. We supposedly have the ability to trade trips through the CrewConnex App, but in practice we know that the trades do not always work, and if you manually ask [email protected], there’s often a lag where the trade no longer makes sense. We also think fixing the trade process will help cover summer flying by making it easier for CCMs who want to fly more to have the flexibility to pick up more hours. Long term, we know more CCMs need to be hired to cover reserve periods, which would provide a buffer for the operation for when CCMs can’t come to work, like when they are sick!

While there are no changes to the sick or disciplinary policies, we have created the below guide as a means to address the staffing issue and clarify processes.

Assignment Swaps

If you cannot make a trip, an assignment swap may be an option. Please use the CrewConnex app, if it doesn't work, you can manually request a swap by emailing [email protected]. We believe that if CCMs are able to proactively try to swap assignments, this can alleviate some of the summer flying issues. 

Sick Days

Please do not come to work sick. Management has expressed to AFA that they do not want to create a culture where CCMs are afraid to use their sick time. Under the CBA, CCMs receive 7 paid sick days per year and any additional sick days are unpaid. Art. B.1.

If you are sick, you need to notify Crew Control no less than 4 hours prior to the start of duty, whether it be check-in of a flying assignment, or the beginning of a SBY or RSV period. The 4 hour buffer is meant to allow management to find someone else to cover your flying. If you call out less than 4 hours, you may receive a “no-show”. This 4 hour call out is only for notifying Crew Control of sickness/illness. If you call out for any other reason, besides for a sick day, you may receive a “no-show”. See LOA (Mar. 14, 2024).

Absence Due to Poor Weather Conditions or Natural Disasters

In the event you cannot get to work due to weather conditions or a natural disaster you would need to notify Crew Control and would be charged a vacation day, sick day, or personal day. Art. C.1.

No Show Policy

The disciplinary process remains unchanged. If you are being disciplined for no-shows you will still receive a notice of investigation, a meeting to discuss the alleged violation, and receive written discipline if warranted. AFA raised the situation where a CCM may have a perfect reliability record and received a no-show during the summer. Management clarified that they did not intend to change the policy where a CCM would be automatically terminated for a single no-show. The facts and circumstances of any potential discipline will still be considered. See Art. 16.


If management believes a CCM is abusing the sick leave policy, AFA has requested for management to notify the Union. AFA will then contact the CCM to hopefully work through any issues they may be having getting to work. Also if you feel you have an issue individually please contact EAP.


We will provide you with further updates as we have them.

In Unity,

Your Norse AFA MEC